HPT Post 87 HiToms: P41 Jr. HiToms

P41 Jr. HiToms: HPT Post 87 17U Affiliate Team

Athletic Director: Greg Suire, Email: [email protected] / Phone: 336-847-8667

Head Coach: John Fowler, [email protected]


2023 Calendar P87 HiToms:

  • Playoffs - July 8th - July 24th


*Please check here and the official Post 87 Twitter account @87HiToms for schedule updates/changes.


Post 87 P41 Jr. HiToms
22-May Monday Mt Airy Foothills Finch Field 6:00 W
29-May Monday Kannapolis 146 Finch Field 6:00
5-Jun Monday Carson Trinity HS 6:00
6-Jun Tuesday  S Rowan Finch Field 7:30
8-Jun Thursday Falcons Finch Field 5:00
9-Jun Friday Mocksville  Rich Park 7:00
10-Jun Saturday Mt Airy Foothills Mt Airy HS 6:00
12-Jun Monday Kannapolis 115 Trinity HS 6:00
13-Jun Tuesday  Mt Pleasant  Trinity HS 6:00
15-Jun Thursday  Kannapolis 115 JM Robinson HS 7:00
17-Jun Saturday Davidson Post 8 Holt Moffit 7:00
19-Jun Monday Randolph 45 Red McCrary Park 7:00
20-Jun Tuesday  Randolph 45 Red Trinity HS 6:00
22-Jun Thursday  S Rowan  S Rowan HS 7:00
23-Jun Friday  Carson Carson HS 7:00
26-Jun Monday  Mocksville  Finch Field 6:00
27-Jun Tuesday  Mt. Pleasant Trinity HS 6:00
30-Jun Friday  Kannapolis 146 AL Brown HS 7:00
3-Jul Monday Davidson Post 8 Finch Field 5:00
12-Jul Wednesday Falcons Southeast Gillford 6:00

2023 Player Information Sheet: 

2023 Roster: Pre-Season Roster: (Roster is not final, full roster will be established following pre-season games

  • Travail Barnes
  • Matthew Bankhead
  • Eric Lovett
  • Graham Sutherland
  • Devin Hernandez
  • Aiden McPherson
  • Seth Ostertag
  • Asher Fowler
  • Silas Kennedy
  • Sebastian Lyndrop
  • Caden Irving
  • Juniel Silva
  • Ryan Robinson
  • Ryan Berry
  • Charles Norman
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