Host Families

Without host families, the lives of Coastal Plain League players and organizations would be much harder. When teams around baseball bring in players from out of the region, they need a place to stay. That’s where a host family comes into play. They are the backbone of the HiToms organization, helping us stay as a leader on the field and in our community, housing our players for the three-month season.

Each year we honor our host families with complementary tickets to games and an end-of-the-year ceremony at Finch Field. Host families assist with the connection of a player to the local community, with some relationships lasting forever.

“I’ve made lifelong connections with my three host families in summer collegiate baseball.” Says Shaemus Kreider, the broadcaster of the HiToms. “Baseball players are hardworking, exceptional individuals, and you will not regret your time spent with the future leaders of this country.”

If you’re interested in hosting a player, email Greg Suire at [email protected].